My Top Picks of Columbus, Ohio

Columbus, capital of the most populous city in United States, Ohio, has been popular for its universities and football schools and later for its zoos. Ever since the transformation of the Scioto Riverfront; the city has attracted vacation-goers in hordes. Boasting of a diverse fusion of trend, lineage, technology, amusements, from parks to downtown or markets to museums; Columbus is bound to keep you busy and entertained. Check out few of its leading highlights.

German Village

Located just south of downtown Ohio; German Village will take you back in history to the time when Germans settled here as immigrants in the mid-1800s. Right from its churches to small houses to stunning architecture; you can live and experience German culture. Offering you some amazing lip-smacking food; you will have a unique experience visiting the place.

Franklin Park Conservatory and Botanical Gardens

Any nature love would be lost in the incredible horticulture display of this indoor as well as outdoor garden. Spread over 88 acres; its selection of plants is particularly booming in summer. Its orchid display from January to March holds special attraction for most tourists. A fantastic place to bond with nature; it has plenty of relaxing as well as picnicking spots to make you forget all stress and woes of normal life.

Easton Town Center

Whether you are enjoying with your family, friends or exploring the city on your own; the destination is a perfect stop for some urbane entertainment. Apart from top shopping and dining experience; it offers many recreational activities including art fairs and comedy shows. The spot is the ultimate experience of an open-air market.

Center of Science and Industry (COSI)

Popular as COSI; it is one of the nation’s most respected science centres of the country. The museum is geared towards kids to educate them in a fun and engaging way. However, most adults find themselves equally mesmerized with its interactive exhibits, computer simulators and live science shows. Riding in a space capsule, learning about ocean exploration technology, presentation of stars and planets etc. are few other attractions which educate you in the most thrilling of manner. It’s a must visit place for any family with children.

Topiary Park

A unique blend of art and nature; the park is mesmerize you with its uniqueness.  Entire scene is based on the painting by Georges Seurat, entitled “A Sunday on The Island of La Grande Jatte.” The shrubs have been sculpted into humans, boats, many animals like cats, monkeys dogs around a real pond. It is definitely a sight worth seeing.

Ohio Theatre

Originally a movie house; this “Official Theatre of the state Ohio” is now a place of top-notch performances like those by Broadway Across America, Symphony Orchestra and many other renowned artists. Whether you enjoy classical music or a lively concert; a visit here is a must. Along with performance; you will be charmed by its Spanish-Baroque architecture, breathtaking 21-foot high chandelier, lush interior and of course its state-of-the-art facilities to amp up the show experience.


With plenty to offer to people of any taste, Columbia is a city which will definitely cast its spell on you. There is a high chance that a single visit will impress you enough to plan a second vacation here.

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